Acuvance Luxon BS Dual 10.5T Motor

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A beloved motor from Acuvance has been restocked to provide a cheaper alternative to the modern Fledge motor!

Realization of increased output efficiency by special manufacturing method

Motor control performance that responds directly to throttle operation, which is called "silky feeling" common to the Luxion series. The "BS" series is equipped with a uniquely shaped cooling fin while taking advantage of this feature. It demonstrates high cooling performance due to the synergistic effect with the cooling hole that has a porous structure. In addition, it is possible to give the motor itself high output characteristics without relying on the volume increase of the neodymium magnet! It has both the torque at the time of acceleration and the contradictory direct operation feeling of rolling at the time of neutral.

Equipped with advance adjustment function

The Luxion BS body is equipped with an adjustment function that allows you to easily set the advance angle from 0 to 50 °.
* Adjust the advance angle to 60 ° or less in combination with the ESC setting to prevent failure.

Next-generation design considering beauty when mounted on a vehicle

The machined aluminum body is engraved with three-dimensional lines and laser processing to create a high-class strength.

Excellent rotor heat resistance

Permanent magnets are greatly affected by temperature, and when they exceed a certain temperature, they lose their magnetic force and cannot recover even if they are returned to their original temperature.
Luxion BS uses a sintered rotor that uses neodymium magnets with excellent heat resistance to prevent magnetic force from coming off due to temperature rise.

Equipped with blade system

The aluminum slant fins mounted on the rotor shaft provide not only high cooling performance but also a unique rotational feel.

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Manufacturer Acuvance
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