Hobbywing XERUN XD10-PRO ESC - Purple

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Elegantly designed for drift

The Xerun XD10 Pro ESC provides the ideal colors to perfectly match your drift machines. They are available in black, red and purple.

Equipped with a powerful fan

The stylish aluminum fan is powerful and helps to massively cool down the ESC.
Moreover, the texture of the materials have been carefully selected to give you a great overall satisfaction.

Ultra-soft 13AWG silicone wire

The ultra-soft 13AWG silicone wire will be included in the XD10 Pro ESC. They are ultra-flexible and low in resistance.
Maximum performance is guaranteed.

Reverse Polarity Protected

The Xerun XD10 Pro is reverse polarity protected. In an event when a user makes a mistake by reversing the polarity, the ESC will not be broken.
Note: The standard capacitor included in the ESC will be damaged when the polarity is reversed. By selecting the optional non-polarity capacitors (Item number: 30840004, 30840005), it will be able to prevent any sort of damages from happening.

Supports high-voltage BEC

The built-in BEC is able to support both high torque and high voltage servos and can be adjustable at 5.0-7.4V (adjusted to 0.1V/step).

New communication protocol for quick setup of parameters, firmware upgrades.

The new communication protocol is used to set parameters and significantly increase the speed of firmware upgrades, and the LCD G2 is twice as fast as the OTA Programmer speed is 3-4 times faster.

Programmable parameter optimized for drift

The 32-bit M4 processor is equipped with powerful software, features new programmable parameters and it is optimized for drift applications. The new parameters such as, initial start-up force adjustment, 48K ultra-high drive frequency, and 24K ultra-high brake frequency ensures excellent drivability. It is tailored to extract
and maximize performance for high-end drifters.
Note! Use appropriate settings provided by the factory or team drivers. Check operating temperature in order to maximize your electronics. The wrong settings may damage the ESC/motor!

Real-time data log makes it easy to access operating status

After connecting the OTA module box, turn on real-time data recording function to access the operating status.
Note: Bluetooth transmission distance is most effective within the 5m radius.

Seamless connectivity with OTA module box and mobile phone

Simple and convenient, parameter settings, firmware upgrading and other operations can be established using Hobbywing’s OTA Bluetooth module and your mobile phone via the Hobbywing app.


Scale - 1/10th
Brushed/Brushless - BL
Sensored/Sensorless - SD
Waterproof - No

Cont./Peak Current - 100A/800A
Input Voltage - 2S Lipo
BEC Output - 5-7.4V,5A

Wires & Connectors - Black-13AWG-250mm*2
Output Wires - Black-13AWG-250mm*3
Input Connectors - No
Output Connectors - 3.5mm male plug


Size - 30x30x10mm
Voltage Range - 5-7.4V
Powered by - Powered by BEC

ESC Programing via

SET Button on ESC - Not Supported
LED Program Box - Not Supported
LCD Program Box - Supported
OTA Programmer - Supported
Programming Port - Independent programming port

Firmware Upgrade - Supported

Size - 40.7x35.0x32.0mm(w/Fan)
Weight - 95g (w/wires)


SL BL Motors
SD BL Motors

Vehicles - 1/10thdrift car
KV Rating/T Count - ≥8.5T

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