HRC Bearing Oil Witch's Tears RH + 2

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Bearing Oil Witch's Tears RH + 2
Ultra-low friction bearing oil that exceeds RH +

@ Rolling resistance reduction
 Developed for bearings for front knuckles of RWD
 Witch's tears RH + has been improved and by blending fluorine, the ultimate rotational performance that is outstanding in the bearing oil category Achieves low friction
 Not only for drift, but also for touring cars and buggy cars 

@ Penetration
 Witch's tears By increasing the permeability compared to RH +, it is easy to fit on metal surfaces and has
 good lubricity immediately after use. Obtained

@ Protective film
 By forming multiple protective films with different roles on the metal surface, smooth rotation is achieved and the weight is surely lightened. It is extremely effective for bearings without driving force . 
@ Durability A little more than the tears of a witch, the viscosity is lowered even at the expense of durability (maintaining an oil film), and emphasis is placed on reducing rolling resistance.
 In addition, it forms a coating film each time it is used to improve durability.

@Compatible with resins. It is compatible with resins and exhibits the ultimate friction reduction effect.

@It is 100% temperature chemically synthesized oil, so it can be used in a wide temperature range. .. -Maintains excellent lubricity even from extremely cold to scorching

HRC dedicated container (with dropper)
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