HRC Effect Arms

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Includes 2x lower arms, extension plate for damper mounting and commemorative emblem plate.

Inserts a high-precision bearing into the important moving part of the lower arm.

Adopts the Nakit method for the insertion part of the bearing and succeeds in making it thinner than the commercially available lower arm
As a result, the height of the suspension mount is not raised, so it is possible to secure the rebump and lower the roll center.

The ball end is attached to the turnbuckle and C leg extension collar with more settings than ever before. Expanded width.

The friction of the movable part of the arm is reduced to the utmost limit, and it is adjusted to 100 / 1mm in

consideration of the cutting accuracy of aluminum. The clearance is adjusted considering the maintainability, and the bearing is already inserted.
There is almost no play in the bearing part

Equipped with an adjustment function that slides the main body. You can adjust the front and back by loosening the screws on the top surface

You can adjust the casters and wheelbase without removing the casters and suspension mounts

The slide part is notched so you don't have to worry about it shifting. The rigidity of the main body has been increased and the width has been slimmed down to support various vehicle models.

The lower base, arm, and expansion plate have a three-piece configuration.

Uses dry bearings made in Japan that are particular about low friction made exclusively for Increased body rigidity, hard black alumite finish on the surface + laser engraved.

High-precision cutting made in Japan from high-quality aluminum.

Accessories: Special case, expansion plate for mounting damper, emblem plate

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Manufacturer HRC
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