HRC Meriken Knuckle 3

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Includes 2x knuckles, bearings and axles with axle screws.

Adopting the industry's first dedicated 630 bearing to reduce the size

Reduces the rotation loss of the bearing part of the short knuckle specification such as the knuckle of the vehicle, and increases
the vehicle speed by carving by high precision machining processing.

The interference part of the tie rod that occurs when the cutting angle is increased is greatly lightened.
Significantly cut the kingpin mounting position at the bottom of the upright to increase the adjustment range of the roll center

Kingpin mounting holes: 6 places above and below
Kingpin angle: 7.41 → 10.3 → 13.1 (Piroball directly attached to the knuckle)
Trail: Positive trail
Knuckle By installing in reverse, 18 types of tie lot positions can be adjusted

Kingpin angle, trail, scrub can be freely changed, and it is possible to show your favorite turning angle and tires

High with smooth rotation accuracy, comes with Japanese-made stainless steel luxury bearings involved in the friction.

laser engraved into a hard black anodized finish to @ body

high precision cutting than @ high-quality aluminum
HRC original parts Comes in a case

* The product includes left and right knuckle bodies, 4 dedicated bearings, 2 dedicated axles, screws for axles, and aluminum color.

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Manufacturer HRC
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