HRC Potion Fluoro Teflon Coat

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Just apply around the shaft and the pillow ball.
 Fluorine and Teflon enter the unevenness of the metal surface to form a coating and smooth the surface.
@Protective film
 Multiple protective coatings with different roles on the metal surface By forming, it realizes smooth rotation and is surely lighter.
 Especially, it exerts a great effect on balls and shafts that are loaded.

@ Durability The surface is coated with Teflon to keep durability (maintenance). Forming a film to improve durability The effect improves each time it is applied repeatedly

@ Ingredients
 Clitex GPL105 Fluororesin + Teflon
 Drift Radicon used in the aerospace field to accommodate delicate movements even at low μ Uses ultra-fine fluororesin luxuriously

@ Compatible with resins Good compatibility with resins and exerts the ultimate friction reduction effect
 Since it is not a silicon type, it is not aggressive, so the resin material of the ball end also expands Nothing happens

@ Temperature
 from low temperature of -40 degrees to +300 degrees
 Excellent heat resistance and oxidation resistance-Supports from extremely cold to scorching heat

@ Compatible models Not only low μ drift, but also touring cars and buggies.
 We promise to move dampers and moving parts smoothly even at ultra-high speed movements.

HRC dedicated container (with brush)

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