Overdose Adjustable Aluminium Rear Suspension Arm Type 3 - Black

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The 4 piece structure design makes the suspension arm length, trailing angle, shock mounting position and wheelbase adjusted widely. The suspension arm length can be adjusted in 12 steps in 1mm increments in the range of 53mm to 42mm. The trailing angle can be set to 3 degrees and 6 degrees by shifting one or two steps the mounting position of the front and rear adjuster blocks. Narrowing the width of the suspension arm by 7mm from the standard, the adjustment range of the wheelbase has expanded more than ever. It is multifunctional, high rigidity, but weighs only increased 2.8g (compared to the standard suspension), and has succeeded in reducing the weight by about 52% compared to Type-2 suspension. Included 22mm long suspension pin for the upright side. Available in purple, red and black colors.

※Reference data [Arm length : Standard(plastic) 53mm, ES rear suspension arm 46mm]

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Manufacturer Overdose
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