Overdose Floating Motor Mount System For GALM - Black

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Introducing the new floating motor mount system for GALM. Taking advantage of the anti-torque of the motor,the new system was created for better traction and rear tire grips. The motor being floated from the chassisprevents the uplifting of the front tire and applies a load onto the rear tire effectively. Keeping the front andrear grip fairly even increases the cornering and traction performance. The connecting part of the point of loadcan be setuped with either the rigid collar mount or the O-ring mount for track condition or motorcharacteristic. The service holes placed at the rear end come in handy when attaching parts like diffuser vanes.The weight gain for this new system was 32g, which was at minimum.Note 1: The gearmesh adjustment width for this system is slightly narrower (about the size of a single piniongear).Note 2: OD2427 aluminum motor mount for GALM cannot be used.Note 3: This item is NOT able to attach to OD2395 Counter Drive set /For GALM.

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Manufacturer Overdose
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