Overdose GALM Version 2 Chassis Kit with Option Parts

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This kit is the upgraded option of the Version 2 GALM kit, with many excellent upgrade parts included - see list below!

GALM Version 2 is the winner of the recent R.C.D.C. All Japan Championship, with Overdose drivers Ryo taking the overall win and Junta taking top qualifier!

The GALM Version 2 kit includes revised rear suspension arms, uprights and axles along with new curved slide rack that matches the aluminium upgrade radius and also includes new front knuckles that allow more lock! Front turnbuckles for the IFS links are also now included to allow easy adjustment.


Included Option Parts
OD2396 Aluminum Rocker Arm
OD2398 Aluminum Suspension Mount
OD2404 Aluminum Rear Upper Arm Mount
OD2423 Aluminum Push Rod Turn Buckle
OD2433 Aluminum Rear Brace
OD2488 Floating Motor Mount System
OD2545 Aluminum Inboard Shock Mount
OD2588 Multi Purpose Aluminum Rear Bulk Head
OD2590 Adjustable Aluminum Rear Shock Tower
OD2608 Aluminum Rear Brace Mount
OD2665 Aluminum Front Bulk Head Type-2
OD2711 Aluminum Curved Slide Rack Steering Set Type-2

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Condition New
Manufacturer Overdose
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