Overdose High Performance Suspension Oil #30

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A shock oil for RC cars jointly developed with Wako Chemical. It is the ultimate shock absorber oil that balances many performances required for RC cars at a high level.
[Main features]
-By having damping characteristics that rise linearly with respect to piston speed, it is possible to handle a wide range of road surface conditions and driving.
-Since it has lower friction than silicone oil, it realizes extremely smooth shock movement even in the very low speed range.
-By raising the viscosity change with temperature change to the same level as silicone oil, it is possible to always secure stable damping characteristics.
-Since the volume expansion coefficient in the cylinder is low, stable damping characteristics can always be obtained even after long-term use.
-Low aggression to oil seals (X ring, etc.) and less swelling, so constant conditions can be maintained for a long period of time.

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Condition New
Manufacturer Overdose
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