Overdose VOLTEX GT Wing Set Type-7

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VOLTEX releases high quality aero parts with aerodynamic characteristics
We, OVERDOSE, have obtained the official license of VOLTEX and will develop the VOLTEX series of aero parts for RC cars. As the first step, we released GT Wing Type-7, which was also installed in Weld FR-S and adopted the swan neck type as soon as possible! The second installment will be the GT Wing Type-5, which is also used in the Weld Hyakushiki Sanjo & Shiki. Not only are they both designed in pursuit of reality, but the angle adjustment function at the bracket part and the end plate are separate (two types are included), making it possible to arrange according to the body. With VOLTEX logo decal which is also a proof of authenticity. Type-7 adopts the latest swan neck type for the wing stay. Realistically reproduce the elegant image of the real thing. The wing body also faithfully reproduces the delicate wing shape unique to VOLTEX.

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Manufacturer Overdose
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