Shibata 10T reduction gear

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For GRK3 RWD / GRK Global Series (RWD specifications)


Rear drive deceleration is also possible by changing to a gear adapter dedicated to RWD.


For the secondary deceleration and gear ratio, please refer to the GRK homepage down site "Gear ratio list".




〇 When installing this product on RWD specification vehicles


(1) When changing from the standard bevel gear (16T) of the GRK global series (including GS2EVO) to this product, the [R31W269] GRK GLOBAL RWD reduction gear adapter is required.


(2) When changing the bevel gear, the clearance with the ring gear of the differential will change, so adjust the backlash by replacing the shims on the left and right of the differential according to the current car.



〇Compliance with differential specifications


(1) In the case of solid differential ... GRK Global Series Standard resin solid axles will exceed the adjustment range, so [R31S023] GRK4 compatible rigid axle set (for reduction gear) and the number of bevel gears according to the number of teeth [R31W243] Please use the gear spacer.
Details are described on each product page.


[R31G001] In the case of ball diff ... Supports from 10T to 16T by adjusting the backlash.


[R31W271] For GRK gear differential set ... Refer to the instruction manual and make a combination that supports 10T to 12T.


* Regardless of the differential specifications, a shim with an inner diameter of 10 mm is required to adjust the clearance of the gearbox bearing and finely adjust the backlash.

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