Shibata GRK4 Aluminum lower arm - Black

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〇Compatible model


・ GRK4 genuine parts


・ Can be installed on all GRK (* 1 ・ * 2)


* 1… Compatible with front / rear A-arm specification vehicles that use φ2.5 suspin.


* 2… A spacer corresponding to φ2.5 suspin is required separately for adjustment.


〇 Product description


Lower arm for front & rear A arm developed for GRK4


Smaller than GRK3 and global genuine lower arm!


A two-piece structure is used to support various damper settings.


By combining with spacers and screws sold separately


You can set a wide range of damper lever ratio and tread width.


The lower arm mount has different front and rear shapes to widen the wheelbase setting range.

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Manufacturer Shibata
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