Shibata Lightweight nose cone plastic parts set

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Compatible with: 


・ GS2 EVO genuine parts


・ GRK4 (* 1)


・ GRK Global Series (RWD specification) (* 2 ・ * 3)


* 1… Can be installed by using the attached vertical upper deck joint parts.


* 2… Can be installed by using joint parts for straight upper decks.


* 3… [R31 S010] It is necessary to change to the air dam bumper specification in combination with the plastic parts set for the air dam bumper.


A lightweight resin nose cone that contributes to weight reduction around the front.


It can be installed not only on the GRK Global Series but also on the GRK4 by rearranging the joint parts.




Lightweight nose cone L ... × 1


Lightweight nose cone R… × 1


Lightweight nose cone (compatible with straight upper deck)… × 1


Lightweight nose cone (compatible with vertical upper deck)… × 1


Bumper breath for air dam bumper (plastic)… × 1


* This product does not include the screws required for mounting. Please purchase separately

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Condition New
Manufacturer Shibata
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