Shibata Low Height Adjustable Suspension Block For GRK - Black

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〇Applicable chassis


・ GRK4 genuine parts


・ GRK Global Series including GRK-M (*)


*… When replacing the resin suspension mount with this product, this part is required separately.


[R31W220] Suspension ball 2.5φ


[R31W157-R31W161] Adjustment suspin spacer (0.5 mm-4.0 mm) compatible with φ2.5 suspin


[R31S304BK] GRK Aluminum Suspension Mount (for RF)


〇 Product description


Adjustable suspension block exclusively for RR (rear rear side) developed for GRK4.


The toe angle can be changed by changing the thickness of the left and right spacers.




By making the aluminum part of the center part a new shape and making it low height


The gearbox cover has become easier to remove.


〇 Amount of change in toe-in due to spacer thickness


Spacer thickness


Toe-in number

(Every time)

0.0 mm

0.0 degree

0.5 mm

0.7 degrees

1.0 mm

1.4 degrees

1.5 mm

2.0 degrees
2.0 mm

2.7 degrees

2.5 mm

3.4 degrees



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Manufacturer Shibata
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