Shibata Separate battery holder set for GRK

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Compatible with GRK4, GRK3 GRK Global Series including GRK-M when carbon/silver carbon chassis is installed. Not compatible with GS resin chassis. 


⚡ SHIBATA ⚡ From GRK Premium Series

Introducing the "Separate Battery Holder Set" made of pure carbon!

The separate battery holder that allows you to attach and detach the battery with one touch

It brings out the original performance of the chassis without disturbing the bending of the main chassis.

Screws, spacers, O-rings, etc. required for mounting on the chassis body

If you are using a battery made by another car, adjust it with a spacer etc. according to the actual size.




・ Two separate battery holders (lower side)


・ Two separate battery holder plates (upper side)


・ [R31G019] 2 battery posts (aluminum)


・ [R31G043] 4 O-rings


・ [R31M077Bk] Aluminum spacer 3.0 x 3 mm thick (black) 8 pieces


・ [R31M076BK] Aluminum spacer 3.0 x 2 mm thick (black) 2 pieces


・ [R31B072BK] Aluminum 3mm plate washer S (black) 2 pieces


・ [R31 M116] 4 M3 nylon nuts


・ [R31M115] Plate screw M3 x 15 mm 4 pieces


・ [R31 M112] Plate screw M3 x 8 mm 2 pieces


・ [R31 M109] Button screw M3 x 10 mm 2 pieces

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Manufacturer Shibata
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