Weld Techniques Factory Silver Pendant

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Finally available the Weld Flare Silver Pendant !
Only one-time limited quantity release !!

Introduce the Weld Flare Silver Pendant. The Weld flare logo has desinged three dimensional and made by Silver 925. An oxidised silver have a something hard and significant flavor. Included a single 2-sided cut Kihei chain made by Silver 925 in the set. Comes with a luxurious special case.
※Since the pendant head is oxidised, can not using liquid cleaners for maintain. Gently wipe it with a soft cloth.

32mm(Flare part 24mm)×16mm
Silver 925

About 600mm length, 2mm width, single 2-sided cut Kihei chain
Silver 925

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Condition New
Manufacturer Overdose
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