Wrap Up Next Compression Spring Set 45mm - 3 Pairs

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Compression Spring Set 45mm (7.25 / 9.25 / 11.25 rolls)

45mm long to crush and use!
A new concept spring for rolling.
The number one factor that hasn't been rolled well so far was the spring ...
45mm long specification "compression spring" developed for rolling. The vehicle height is secured by the repulsive force generated by shortening and setting the long spring. It is now possible to use a spring with a softer rate than ever before.
It solves the problem that the conventional spring is too hard to roll and the soft spring cannot secure the vehicle height.
Set of 3 types (2 each) of 7.25 / 9.25 / 11.25 volumes.
With these three types, we generally follow from rear / front, light weight to slightly heavier chassis. Comes with a convenient storage case.
This is different from conventional springs!
Both the left and right springs are a comparison of 45mm and 32mm springs (same rate) with a wire diameter of 1mm x 7.25 turns. This is the only difference in the preload settings for keeping the same vehicle height. The compression spring adopts the soft spring rate required for the roll, and it is now possible to secure the vehicle height without difficulty.

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Manufacturer Wrap Up Next
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