Wrap Up Next GX RWD Front Knuckle Ver.4 Super Lightweight - Red

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Super Lightweight 2.6 g specification! Gx front knuckle is ver. 4. The Rod installation position is also optimized for yd-2 Adopt a small 850 bearing and create a large lightweight with total weight.

The gx knuckle ver that has been continuing the lonzo-LE. 3 is finally renewed. Ver. 3 Review the installation position of the steering rod, and the wrap-up chassis is also optimized for the yd-2 chassis use. In addition to a super lightweight 2.6 G Finish, the 850 bearing recruitment allows you to light up about 3 G (4 PCS) for a 1050-size knuckle. The bearing is ver. 4, from the flanges type, changed to the standard 850 bearing and increased the versatility. You can also install an option 0320-FD King Pin Angle Extension as well. Color Color is black, Red 2 Colors. Bearing and axle shaft does not belong. Axle shaft is a wrap-up combination axle and yd-2 standard axle, etc. (with adjustment color).

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Manufacturer Wrap Up Next
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